(words and music by Amber Nicholson & Matt Hibbard)

Amber Nicholson – lead vocal, piano
Matt Hibbard – harmonies and backing vocals, electric guitar, bass, handclaps, tambourine
Anthony Corsaro - drums

you’ve been there and back
the trace of your shadow’s reaching out
beckoning me to far away rooms
I’m telling the truth
I saw the colors fade

I couldn’t lie to you

no cold disguise
you’re laughing to death
with joy in your eyes
crisscrossing your knees
telling me ‘please,
I’m counting to three’
you’ll take the rocky road

I wouldn’t lie to you

made the monkeys dance
there’s hesitation in your glance
this afternoon follow me to my far away room
you’ll see the colors fade

why would I lie to you?

produced and written by Matt Hibbard and Amber Nicholson. Engineered and Mixed by Matt Hibbard. Recorded at Twin House - Denton, TX. ℗ & © 2016 RELICK. All rights reserved.